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Business Intelligence

We build solutions, not platforms

Going beyond WordPress or Sharepoint, understanding your needs and systems comes first to provide you with the right solutions.

User Experience

Define your customers' needs

Identifying what the real pain points are and creating validated minimum viable products that put you on the market faster, and for less.

Web & Mobile Development

End to end delivery that makes sense

Our expertise in development alongside with UX and BI ensures that we don’t just propose, we also deliver solutions on time and on budget.

Support & Secure

Maintain and protect your investments

We do not forget about you after a project is finished. We support your system needs, and secure it against attacks for steady use years to come.

What have we done?


Web Design and Development

Sales Tracking Dashboard

A system that we built that integrates with the customer's built-in CRM system and maps it on Google maps to display visual data such as frequency of visits as well as sales force visit planning. It includes a mobile application that uses GPS service to allow for sales person check-in and customer logs.

Web Design and Development

Stock Trading Mobile App (iOS / Android)

We built a stock trading mobile application in both iOS and Android that focused highly on a great user experience and using an agile methodology that allowed for frequent, regular releases and incrementally allowed the customer to take their idea to realization seamlessly

Web Design and Development

Website Technical Development & Support

Our engineering support team supports high traffic website by providing strong engineering expertise to continually keep the site compatible with the newest web browsers and secure by continuously ensuring the site is patched and preventing attacks monitoring a series of parameters for the websites


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